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Kareena Kapoor’s Life story and Love Affairs

Today we talk about Kareena Kapoor and her life story, So let’s start it. Kareena Kapoor was born on 21 September 1988 in Mumbai. She had a passion for being an actress since childhood. Kareena also took part in a play at her school at the age of sixteen. Kareena’s mother, who was once an actress herself, also went to see the play. When her mother saw Kareena’s play, she was so impressed that she told Kareena that now is the time for her to start working in the film industry.

Kareena started working in films at the age of seventeen. Her first film was Refugee, which flopped badly, in which she worked with Abhishek Bachchan. You will be surprised to know that Kareena Kapoor was earlier cast in “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai,” which her mother rejected while it was the most successful film of her year. After that, She also had the opportunity to act in the film Yaadaian, where she performed with Ritak Roshan. Kareena was working with Rithik Roshan in the movie Yaadain. The film also showed the romance between the two actors. Even after the daily shooting of the film, they met each other. News of their affair also began to spread. Rithik and Kareena were dating. Meanwhile, Kareena knew that Rithik is also committed to Sussanne Khan, but Kareena also wanted to marry Rithik. Kareena was also coming to an end in her film career due to Hrithik. But during this period, when Sussanne found out about Kareena and Hrithik’s relationship, she pressured Hrithik to get married. For this reason, Hrithik Roshan came under pressure and married Sussanne khan. But even after Hrithik’s marriage, Kareena remained in a relationship with Hrithik and maintained their relationship, and they used to meet secretly in hotels. Even Hrithik did not go home after finishing his film’s shooting every day but stayed in hotels with Kareena. But due to Hrithik’s marriage, Hrithik and Kareena’s family decided that Kareena and Hrithik would never meet again and that they would not do any movies together in the future.

Hrithik also accepted this decision to save his married life, and thus Kareena and Hrithik’s relationship ended. Kareena Kapoor was unfortunate, and after the breakup from Hrithik, Fardeen Khan came into her life. Seeing the connection between Fardeen Khan and Kareena, the producer cast them both in the film Fida. Shahid Kapoor was also in the movie Fida, and Kareena also had some romantic scenes with Shahid in the movie. Shahid and Kareena started a romance with each other, and they also became a famous couple. Kareena also announced her relationship with Shahid in public. It was the time of 2004 when Kareena and Shahid were seen together everywhere. Even though they were physically involved, the worst proof of this was an MMS in which Kareena and Shahid were seen kissing, which suddenly went viral.

The viral nature of this MMS has caused a stir in Bollywood as no other couple’s scandal has ever been seen before. The couple remained silent for a long time after the scandal and then announced their marriage in 2007 at a Karan Johar show. After that, Kareena got involved in a movie with Saif Ali Khan. In this movie, Kareena had a very sexy scene with Saif. But Shadi Kapoor was shocked when Kareena started meeting Saif in private, and in a short time, it was rumored that Saif and Kareena were dating each other. After that, Shahid Kapoor was distraught, and he had expressed his feelings in many interviews. Even today, It seems that they have not been able to take this love out of their hearts.

Saif and Kareena had met even before the film Tashan. At that time, Saif was working with Kareena’s elder sister Karishma Kapoor, and Kareena was watching the shooting with her sister. She was only 14 years old when Saif The time was 24 years. Kareena and Saif never thought that one day they would get married. Saif and Kareena decided to stay in a living relationship after dating each other for a year. But it was not easy for a boy and a girl to live together without getting married. Kareena said an interesting thing in one of her interviews. “Saif told my mother that we like each other and Kareena is the only mine now, and I want to spend the rest of my life with Kareena, and I want to keep your daughter with me in my house, so my mother Agreed. ” Saif gifted a bungalow to Kareena, and they lived together for about five years without getting married. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan got married on 16 October 2012 after living together for five years.

There was a lot of news before the wedding that Kareena would have to become a Muslim before the wedding, but nothing like that happened, and Kareena still maintains the Hindu religion. After marriage, Kareena and Saif had their first child in 2016, which they named Taimur. After the birth of Taimur, the question arose again as to which religion Taimur would follow. Still, in response, Saif said that my son would have full authority to follow any religion of his choice in the future.

Saif also said that he would not impose any restrictions on his son in the future in religious matters, which I did not impose on Kareena. Saif also said that his wife and I want our child to be an actual Indian first and be a liberal, to have free thoughts that we are a liberal couple. Now Kareena Kapoor is so happy with Saif and has moved on in her life. Friends, this was the story of Kareena Kapoor.

Very few people know that Kareena Kapoor also wanted to marry Vivek Oberoi. Kareena said in an interview that she and Vivek were good friends. She wanted something more from Vivek than friendship. At that time, Aishwarya had a breakup with Salman Khan, and after the breakup, Aishwarya and Vivek started dating each other. Vivek was so close to Aishwarya that he ignored Kareena’s feelings and could not understand what Kareena wanted from him.

Kareena, who spent five years with Saif without getting married, also advises every girl that any boy and girl should spend some time together before marriage. The couple should understand each other and then decide to marry each other. Kareena Kapoor follows both Hindu and Christian religions because Kareena’s grandmother was a Christian, and Kareena also goes to church. Kareena Kapoor is very fond of buying expensive liquor and branded purses, but Kareena does not drink alcohol in front of people. However, she cannot live without drinking alcohol at parties.


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